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In the last years, I've had the opportunity to experience many different career and life scenarios, challenges, achievements, and failures. All of them taught me a lot!


Some lesson I've learned through the years


Proximity with customer is a mandatory condition for performance and scale



Digital ventures are a human behavior understanding process before to be a tech approach



Great problem solutions commonly come from diversity and intense communication



Experimenting is the way new ideas get in, old concepts get out and the organizations move forward



Leadership is a human relationship rather than a bossy bureaucratic process



Family, friends, and career are indivisible ingredients of a cake called life :)


Let's continue this conversation?


Joined the Boston’s Class of 2020

As Product Lead, I've been part of one of the most promising startups accelerated by Techstars in 2020: Precavida is a health tech marketplace with a personalized navigator that connects patients and healthcare services for timely, quality and affordable healthcare.


Started to mentor students from Boston Public Schools to create their own startups

I've mentored underserved youth students from Boston's public school to develop their own startups, and through this, encouraging them to attend college and successfully invest in their future. Serve those kids make me really happy and fulfilled.


Moved to Boston, MA, and started a new chapter

My wife and I moved to Boston from Brazil. She got a position as a researcher at Harvard Medical School, and we decided to initiate a new stage in our family's life. And yes, we are very happy living in a new place, learning a new culture, and making new friends!


Awarded by achievements along the year

Supported by a committed team in the hard challenges on each project, I had the privilege to succeed and be awarded by the company. I didn't consider this a personal prize, but a team prize. What a proud moment!


Promoted as Business Design Lead

MuchMore, a company that I worked for 5 years, has three main pillars (technology, media performance, and business design) and I was promoted to lead the business design pillar. It means developing strategically client's projects as well as managing multiple teams and make sure the business design knowledge evolution.


Developed multiple products for different companies and industries

I've designed digital business, implemented digital transformation programs, and run operation roadmaps for new digital products and services, especially for healthcare, retail, media, and government segments. If I could summarize in one sentence all the wide experience that I got as a consultant, I would say IT'S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE.


Hired as Business Design Consultant

As a business designer consultant, I had the opportunity to experience a wide range of business contexts, project challenges, and organizations scenarios. In the same way, I learned how to work with a wide different people, and understand the richness of diversity. That professional stage speeded up my growth a lot.


Started teaching and speaking in events

Sharing knowledge with people is my passion, and I believe it can promote change and generate infinite possibilities. Based on that I started to teach and help people to learn about innovation, business strategy, digital products roadmapping, and a bunch of themes that I was studying intensely and applying on my day-by-day.


Promoted as Business Designer Sr

The team and I collaborated to accelerate the digital transformation of the main 5 brands of the company, among 60 brands. Besides to design new business models, we helped journalists to get their articles more findable digitally (believe me, it was a huge mindset transformation work). So, I was invited to be part of one main magazine brand, that was very advanced in the digital transformation process.


Moved to São Paulo

A huge decision that I made was to move to São Paulo, a 24/7 city with 12 million people. That step and the consequent experience acquired after a couple of years, taught me a lot about professionalism, working under pressure, human relations, prioritization of opportunities, and networking.


Co-founded my first startup

Entrepreneurship excites me and makes me move forward in every venture that I'm involved with. Some friends who love the combination of innovation and education (and I in the same way) created a startup called IWE, which aimed to teach problem-solving principles based on Design Thinking for K-12 children. The startup didn't work out, but we got tons of learning. Above you can see my partners and me.


Hired as Business Designer

Marketing and innovation always were one of my passions. When I started to study innovation theories, innovative business models and methods of innovation I got hired by one of the biggest media companies in Brazil to rethink their magazines' strategy, considering especially the digital transformation of the market that year. To have accepted this challenge was one of the best decisions in my career.


Promoted as Marketing Manager

My responsibilities were growing as the company grew as well. So I got promoted as Marketing Manager and one of the goals was to leverage online courses for the whole country. Here you can see a newspaper picture where I answered some questions about market challenges to new ways of digital education. In the newspaper is me and the headline says "Training for the whole country".


Started an MBA focused in Marketing Management

As my career progressed, I figured out the need to improve. I decided to apply for an MBA in the best business school in Latin America and the 13th best business school in the world, according to the Financial Times’ Executive Education Ranking 2020. I was accepted, and the company that I worked for gave me a 50% scholarship, as an investment in my promising career. I concluded the MBA in two years.


Created three campaigns to raise funds for underserved people

Considering the huge people's poverty living on Vila Acaba Mundo (a slum close of my neighborhood), I decided to mobilize my friends and coworkers to donate non-perishable food for families, toys for children, and even money for the most underserved. So I created a campaign called "Big Christmas Gift", which had a target to benefit 150 families and almost 300 children during December. We beat these goals and the campaign was a success! We repeated for 2 more years (2008, 2009, 2010).


Got a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine

In the middle of college, I decided to focus my studies on agribusiness marketing. To be a vet doctor would be exciting, however, I was feeling increasingly attracted by the business side of the profession. This combination at the end was very important to me because as a vet I had a depth of related skills and expertise in farming and as a marketer the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in business areas and to apply knowledge as digital marketing, market research, advertisement, product development, among others.


Hired as Marketing Analyst

Still at college, I met Rehagro's CEO who was one of my most important mentors. In that year I went to an event where he was speaking. At the end of the event, I ask him to connect me with some veterinarians who have been working with marketing. Unfortunately, the connections didn't work out but we kept in contact. A couple of weeks later he invited me to the internship program in the company, under his leadership and I said "yes". Two years later (one month before I finish college) I got hired as a Marketing Analyst.


Started to serve underprivileged people in a Brazilian slum

From my 20s to 30s I volunteered at one of the most underserved communities in Brazil called "Vila Acaba Mundo". Throughout 10 years other volunteers and I helped the people who lived there in two aspects: renovating their houses, and teaching social values and encouraging the kids to stay far from the crime. We built 8 houses and helped more than 200 children. I felt very proud and happy when I remember the hard work we made and each person we had the opportunity to help in some way.


College-awarded project to provide access to digital education for farmers

I had the great opportunity to study in the 9th best university in Latin America, according to the 2019 Times Higher Education ranking, and 3rd best university in Brazil. The time there was amazing to acquire tons of different experiences. One of the most important was to develop digital courses in CD ROM for farmers, aiming to bring some knowledge about farm administration in a scalable way (internet wasn't popular in farms that time). This project was awarded and I got a scholarship.

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